Menstrual Bleeding – Everything You Need To Know About It

Women in their reproductive years experience periodic vaginal discharge of blood, otherwise known as menstrual bleeding. Also termed menstruation, menses or period, this physiologic bleeding is caused by the shedding of the lining of the uterus brought about by hormonal changes. At times, women observe a gooey tissue mixing with the blood discharges during menstruation. […]

Abnormal Bleeding After Pregnancy

Waiting for the baby to be born during the nine months of pregnancy is not quite an easy thing. The woman’s body normally undergoes a lot of changes, not to mention all the anxiety, stress and emotions. Once the baby is born and pregnancy ends, a completely new life starts for you. When it comes […]

Bleeding Following Menopause: Need to I Have to Be concerned?

Widespread causes of post-menopausal bleeding Vaginal bleeding after menopause has completed is viewed as to be irregular and must be investigated by a skilled health and fitness treatment provider. It signals the presence of some variety of gynecological difficulty. Just one of the prospective will cause could be a hormone imbalance. This is prevalent for […]