Frottage is described in a range of strategies. Some persons imply “dry-humping,” or rubbing the genitals versus one more particular person when both of those are clothed some men and women use the term to describe the hugely unlawful and immoral exercise of rubbing oneself versus some others in a group for sexual enjoyment. Listed here, frottage will refer to the act of two or extra bodies rubbing collectively clothed or unclothed to achieve sexual stimulation.

Since it is a form of sexual activity that consists of no penetration, some may possibly imagine that the exercise is 100% risk-free. Nevertheless that may not be the scenario. In the fascination of protecting exceptional penis well being, adult men need to have to know the hazards involved with this action.


At any time a man’s semen enters a woman’s vagina, there is a probability of pregnancy. Scientists still are not sure if pre-seminal fluid can lead to pregnancy, but it could be able to do so. This suggests that people participating in genital rubbing may perhaps even now run the hazard of conceiving if they allow the man’s fluids near the opening of the woman’s vagina.


Sexually transmitted bacterial infections can be handed by pores and skin-to-skin get hold of or as a result of bodily fluids like penile or vaginal discharge, or blood. Some STIs that can be contracted through bare frotting are herpes, HPV, HIV and pubic lice.

It really is normally a good strategy to check with sexual partners the following:

– When ended up they final analyzed, for what, and what ended up the outcomes?

– Have they had new associates given that then?

– How well do they know their previous partners’ sexual histories?

– Do they use condoms with other associates?

Other Bacterial infections

Jock itch is brought on by an overgrowth of the tinea cruris fungus and is a prevalent groin rash between guys. Nevertheless it not often impacts females, it is attainable for the fungus to distribute to them.

If a lady has a yeast infection, she can go it through her fluids to a guy. Even if he’s not penetrating, if she is wet and his penis receives her fluids on it, it is really achievable to deal the yeast an infection.


Tough, dry pores and skin is a typical end result of friction, and there’s no shortage of friction when frotting, specifically if partners are doing so clothed. The vaginal area might grow to be sore and uncooked, as may perhaps the penis. Each these benefits frequently occur together with penetrative sexual intercourse as very well.

Protection To start with

Frotting partners will be most secure if they choose safety measures in opposition to possible health and fitness troubles connected to the apply. If pregnancy is not preferred and the partners are participating in genital rubbing, it’s a great idea to use condoms even nevertheless penetration isn’t happening. This can also support stop the unfold of any bacterial infections that may be in the space, although it isn’t going to assure this.

Yet another detail partners could want to do is use lubricant though frotting. This can assist prevent a large amount of dry pores and skin and chafing difficulties. If putting on clothes, try to keep away from rough products like denim and clothes with buttons or zippers.

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