Family: Moraceae

Taxon: Piper aduncum L.

Prevalent names: anisillo, aperta-ruão, bamboo piper, cordoncillo, cordoncillo negro, erba di soldato, erva-de-jaboti, erva-de-soldado, phony kava, gaa ma da oedoe, guayayo, gusanillo, herbe du soldat, higuillo, higuillo de hoja, hoja santa, jaborandi falso, jawawa, jointwood, kakoro, malembe toto, male-anihs, matico pepper, matico

General Description: Matico is a tropical, evergreen, shrubby tree that reaches heights of 18 to 25 toes. It has been used in the rainforest tropics as an astringent and styptic mostly nevertheless, it has also been utilised in the Amazon as a stimulant, diuretic, and digestive and higher respiratory tonic. Tribal drugs has also involved this herb in treatment for topical wounds, to stop bleeding, as an antifungal, a vaginal antiseptic and a cleanser for rheumatism. Oil of Matico is also employed to take care of irritation of urinary tract, gonorrhea and bladder ailments in the aged.

This tree originates in Peru, expanding on the coast, reduced and high Amazon rainforest. It is also observed in Chile. Its depart are lance-formed and about seven to 8 inches prolonged. Matico is also developed right now in the tropics of Asia and Polynesia it is also cultivated in Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Matico wooden is employed in numerous localities for fuel and fence-building.

Uses: Matico is also recognized as spiked pepper, due to its odor. Its fruit is bought as a condiment and taste for cocoa. Its leaves are nonetheless utilised nowadays as an antiseptic. Peruvians use it to halt hemorrhaging and to handle ulcers.

Matico is the title of the Spanish soldier who accidentally identified the healing attributes of this plant.

In accordance to legend, this plant was identified by a wounded Spanish soldier named Matico. He discovered (or uncovered from nearby tribesmen and ladies) that when he pressed the leaves to his wounds, they stopped bleeding. This legend named the plant, Matico, also acknowledged as soldier’s herb. The rational up coming move was for it to be employed in drugs in North The united states and Europe as a styptic and wound cleanser.

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