Defloration is a laceration or rupture of the hymen as a final result of sexual intercourse. All other laceration of the hymen which is not induced by sexual act are not considered as defloration.

Evaluation for Defloration:

1. Affliction of the Vulva:

Ordinarily the labia majora and minora are in shut contact with one one more covering pretty much totally the exterior genitalia. Right after defloration, the labia may perhaps gape exposing the intoitus vulvae.

The findinf may possibly not be relied on simply because some ladies might have inherently gaping labia, particularly, asthenic women of all ages though there is no historical past of former sexual act, although other individuals may well protect the coaptated labia even if there has been previous sexual act.

2. Fourchette:

The usual V-condition of the fourchette is misplaced on account of the prior stretching throughout insertion of the male organ. Withdrawal of the stretching power will cause retraction of its walls with rounding of the base.

Retraction of the fourchette is not a very good signal of defloration in as a great deal as it can be owing to other causes. Ballet dancing, separation of the thighs, tree climbing, cycling, horse driving, insertion of international entire body, etcetera. may lead to retraction of the fourchette devoid of past sexual act.
The fourchette, alongside one another with the perineum and lower portion of the posterior vaginal wall, may well be lacerated by sexual act or some other triggers.

3. Vaginal Canal:

Right after repeated sexual functions, there is diminution of the sharpness or obliteration of the vaginal rugosities. There will be laxity of its wall so that insertion of a medium dimensions tube through the health care assessment can be performed with slight resistance.

The adjustments in the vaginal rugosities or the laxity of its wall are not able to be relied upon as a proof of defloration because instrumentation in the course of professional medical assessment, masturbation or insertion of foreign bodies or other identical or related functions will induce the development of these condition.
The vaginal wall, together with the vulva, may well suffer injuries through defloration or some other brings about.

4. Hymen:

The hymen is lacerated for the duration of the initial sexual act. Even so, it is not always the case. Some hymens are thick, elastic and fleshy this sort of that they can resist selected diploma of distention with no triggering laceration. Some girls could inherently have lacerated hymen almost certainly on account of preceding trauma through the early age. The point that the hymen is intact does not verify absence of previous sexual intercourse and the presence of laceration does not show defloration.

Other Causes of Hymenal Laceration:

o Passage of clotted blood in the course of menstruation.

o Ulceration due to condition, like diphtheria.

o Leaping or operating.

o Falling on tricky and sharp item.

o Health-related instrumentation.

o Community medication.

o Self-scratching thanks to irritation.

o Masturbation.

o Insertion of foreign bodies.

o Earlier procedure.

There can be troubles of laceration, like secondary an infection, hemorrhage, fistulae formation, stricture, and sterility.

Secondary Infection

Because of to the activation of the bacterial flora in the vaginal canal or a superimposed an infection may well set in, largely in women with very poor hygienic pattern.


A exceptional complication but this may well be current in extreme compound laceration of the hymen.

Fistulae Development

Recto-vaginal or vesico-vaginal fistula could create in the scenario of compound laceration.

Hymenal laceration by yourself will not develop stricture but in situation of involvement of the vaginal wall it might therefore end result in narrowing of the canal on account of the scar development.


Trauma and infection might even further require the higher aspect of the female generative organ and may induce reduction of procreation energy.