Blocked fallopian tubes are a common reason why many couples cannot get pregnant. The fallopian tubes are vital if you want to conceive naturally, because they provide a path for the ovaries to release the egg, and they allow sperm to each the egg.

It is vital for the tubes to be open to allow a woman to conceive naturally. Without this clear passageway, it becomes impossible to have a child the way nature intended.

There are many reasons why the tubes get blocked. PID is one of them, and it consists of inflammation in the pelvic organs. When the fallopian tubes are damaged by inflammation, they can stick together, making the passage of sperm or eggs impossible.

Many couples have to turn to IVF in order to conceive when the woman has this kind of blockage. IVF has a very low success rate, it is very expensive, and involves taking drugs to force the body to ovulate. There are also health risks associated with these drugs, and they can damage the ovaries.

There are very few natural remedies for opening up the fallopian tubes. The remedies I found include:

Felopio herbal tampon. This was an expensive herbal mixture that you insert into the vagina in the hope it will cure your blocked fallopian tubes. The ingredients are unknown, and it’s difficult to tell how they work.

Clear Passage is a US company that provides a service to women with a variety of conditions. It involves several hours of manual manipulation and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. In case you’re unsure of what manual manipulation means, this is massage. Lipo Sculpt Vaginal Tightening Price Reading Femiwand System

Blocked Fallopian Tube Kit. This was slightly more expensive than Felopio, but includes a 7 step process consisting of herbal tampons and douche, supplements, body cleansing, massage, yoga, nutritional supplements, relaxation. It is a DIY approach and a full instruction book are provided.

My verdict is that if you have limited funds, the Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit would be ideal for you and your partner to do at home. All the ingredients are clearly labeled and backed with scientific research. It seems a lot safer and realistic than the Felopio Herbal Tampon.

If money is no object, you can combine Clear Passage Therapies with some of the elements of the Blocked Fallopian Tubes Kit, for example the body cleanse and herbal supplements. Since Clear Passage do not provide these, you would increase your chances of conceiving by doing both.